A nod to the infinite and welcoming lines of New York City with each emerald-cut stone representing a city block. The pieces are substantial, yet they become second skin. They can be worn alone or stacked with your existing collection and are meant to be worn every day.

Craftsmanship corner: two conditions need to be met for a HORIZON piece to pass our quality test.

First is the stone sourcing: the colors need to match and so does the faceting of the stones, otherwise an unpleasing visual distortion occurs. At MACADAM, each stone is hand selected and only about seventy percent of the stones we inspect qualify to be set in a HORIZON piece.

Second is the stone setting work. Are you wondering how the stones look so vibrant? Starting with quality stones is essential and the setting work is the ultimate complimenting factor. We use the traditional stone setting technique creating "a jours" or openings behind each stone to let the light in and reflect through it, allowing it to shine its brightest. Not only is each opening carefully polished but it takes a highly experienced setter to set emerald-cut stones in a straight line without deviation.