Jewelry Care

MACADAM® jewelry is test-worn throughout the creation phase and is intended for everyday wear, unless otherwise specified. However, some precautions will lengthen its life to last for generations. The creation of precious heirlooms requires care and attention. We are proud to participate in the thrill of building your own unique collection and believe that quality craftsmanship, if properly cared for, will stand the test of time.


To care for your collection, please consider the following facts, tips and tricks. Above all else, avoid impact and chemicals.

  • Avoid contact with household chemicals, beauty products and perfumes
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperatures
  • Remove your jewelry and place it in its pouch/box prior to:
    • Household maintenance: cleaning and gardening for example
    • Exercising or swimming (pool or ocean)
    • Showering or bathing
    • Cooking (for rings mostly)
    • Sleeping
  • Cleaning diamond jewelry:
    • Soak for a few minutes in warm soapy water (handwashing dish detergent works beautifully to remove the grease) and rinse thoroughly. Use a very soft toothbrush to remove residue, if needed. Be gentle if brushing so as to not scratch the metal
    • Warning Always completely close the sink drain prior to cleaning your jewelry
  • Cleaning colored stone jewelry:
    • Emeralds: do not soak in soapy water. Use only a soft cloth and room temperature water to avoid thermal shock
    • Avoid ultrasonic cleaning
  • It is a normal part of a jewelry piece's life for stones to start moving slightly in their setting at some point. Do not panic, we can always tighten a setting but do not wait until it is too late and check your stones preiodically to ensure they are not moving, especially for pieces worn with regularity.

Now that you know all this, proceed and enjoy wearing MACADAM® always, your way.