MACADAM (noun)
[primary]: gathered stones bound by tar to form the common road surface 
[secondary]: nyc-based fine jewelry designer for the modern collector


MACADAM Passage Collection

MACADAM® is deeply rooted in its New York City urban environment. The streets and avenues that define the NYC grid are lined with macadam, a compound made of stones and tar. The cityscape inspires our jewelry designs made of our own MACADAM®, one made of precious stones and metals. Our independent designer honed her jewelry expertise on Fifth Avenue and Place Vendôme with the finest workshops and Haute Joaillerie masters at Tiffany &Co. and Van Cleef & Arpels. Today, MACADAM® harnesses high jewelry design and craftsmanship techniques to create wearable, modular jewelry for the modern, multitasking individual. MACADAM® designs are versatile and always comfortable. 

Following our guiding principles of quality craftsmanship, uncompromising attention to detail, and distinct designs, MACADAM® jewelry is crafted by master jewelers in New York City with recycled precious metals and carefully sourced stones.

We limit annual production to a small number of pieces in order to solely focus on the execution of our craft and on our clients' requests. Every piece is signed, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, and customizable.

One stone at a time, build your jewelry collection with MACADAM®.