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EXPLORE Collection

Beauty frequently lies where expected the least.

No stones needed but craftsmanship required to witness the dialogue between luscious 18K gold volumes and open spaces.


Deceptive in its apparent simplicity, the EXPLORE collection is a demonstration in craftsmanship.

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The ideal summer travel companion.

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  • Kate Hudson Wears MACADAM

    Kate Hudson chose our Explore bracelet to premiere her song "Talk About Love" from her debut album on the Today Show at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

    Fun fact: this bracelet, as is true for all MACADAM jewels, was crafted steps away from where the performance took place.

    Image credit: NBC.

    EXPLORE Bracelet 
  • Forbes

    Mirage Necklace

  • JCK Magazine

    "Some jewelry invites you to stare at it for hours, because of its color or miraculous design. Other jewelry demands you do so.

    Macadam’s Mirage pendant is in the latter category, and it marvels with both its creation and color."

  • JCK Magazine

    "This Quadra ring shows the sophisticated design prowess at Macadam."

    QUADRA 2-in-1 Ring 
  • JCK Magazine

    Spinels come in most colors of the rainbow and are especially loved by gem connoisseurs for their beauty and hardness. To mark the end of Summer 2023, our Passage Spinel Studs were selected to represent the Orange in the Spinel rainbow.

    PASSAGE Studs 
  • The Edit - Only Natural Diamonds

    Our Horizon and FutuRetro natural diamond rings were featured in the 70's themed editorial of Only Natural Diamond's 2023 Spring/Summer Edit.

    HORIZON Ring 
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